Food, clothing and shelter – are the three basic needs that kids living on the streets have been denied. These children are abused, are potential candidate for trafficking and start abusing narcotic drugs at a very early age.


We have two permanent residential facilities for children who were abandoned on the streets. We believe just providing shelter is not enough. We focus on empowering these children through education and vocational trainings so that they can grow up to become a contributing citizen of the society.

In addition to classroom education, we offer courses in performing arts to these kids so that they can express themselves. We take care of their health and nutrition.These kids frequently go for field trips, cultural fests and expeditions that expose them to the world outside the facility. Children from Apanghar interact with kids from other communities during these visits. These children show their talents by participating in extra-curricular activities held in these events.

On various occasions, Apanghar acts as an emergency shelter for lost boys and girls who come under the jurisdiction of Baranagar, Kashipur and Chitpur police stations in Kolkata. Thus ensuring no minor spends a single night at the police station. We also accept kids and youth who come under the jurisdiction of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Government of West Bengal.


  • To provide an environment to these children where they can be free of physical or mental danger.
  • To create a model programme for rehabilitation and mainstreaming of children through education, vocational training and extra-curricular activities.
  • To make the children and youth self dependent and contributing citizen of society.